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I think everyone who likes to travel, especially on high-frequency travel, must have an extraordinary "adventure gene" in the bones. This gene allows us to sit on the cable car even if it is an elevator. Even if you drink beer with friends, you have to play a little game to have some small surprises before you can drink it - yes! What Huahua said is himself... and you!

This time I came back to Dubai, mainly to make up for the last regret - as a loyal love to death "the theme park fans", last time only to play Ferrari, that is not enough! From the last time I left to this revisit, several world-class theme parks have been opened and upgraded! On the same journey, without spending too much travel time, experience the essence of such a huge theme park, I think only Dubai can make people dream come true.

First, I came to Dubai Parks and Resorts. This super theme park contains a total of 3 parks: the Lego theme park that everyone is familiar with but also longing for (including a Lego water park), a thrilling mobile game park with the theme of Hollywood movies - the theme of anime Paradise, and the world's first Bollywood theme park. We came here just at 10 o'clock in the morning, the park opened, we started from the best to meet the childlike Legoland. In addition to Legoland's various signature projects (such as the LEGO Academy, which allows children to experience road rules and driving pleasure), Legoland's “Miniland” is the place where I stayed the longest. Here, 20 million LEGO bricks were used to build the UAE and the world's famous landmarks: Dubai Skyline, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Dubai Airport, Sailing Hotel, Petra Ancient City, etc. These Lego works have been refined to the level of art, as long as you are willing to kneel down and watch it, you can see the beach. Tourists who are sunbathing, women shopping in shopping malls and the number of small shops! Of course, Legoland can be said to be the most suitable place for children in Dubai. Many rides have fully experienced the spirit of “interacting with children and the environment”, and the children come here to experience one game, unconsciously Let your thinking be able to "synchronize" with your baby. No mobile game fan can miss the motiongate in the Dubai Paradise; no movie fan will miss it. As a combination of the two, can you imagine how excited I was at the time!

Dubai Animation is the first Hollywood theme park in the Middle East. Hollywood's three giants - DreamWorks, Sony Films and Lionsgate have joined forces, so here you can see the parks named after the three film companies. A mobile game named after their famous movie. With the support of the movie giant, the entire motiongate is clues with film-style rides, attractions and performances, and uses a very multimedia narrative feature, 4D movies and more are professional and stupid. The mobile games here are not covered. You can come to a high-speed roller coaster or “rush to the sky” at any time. You really don’t know which game under the movie package will blow your heart out. I am a little regrettable about the Bollywood theme park, the world's first Bollywood theme park, because the park's opening hours are from 4 pm, and there are other tasks that cannot be experienced on this day. The ticket fares of the three parks range from RMB 600-900. The difference is whether it is effective for one day or two days. Of course, each park can purchase tickets independently, and the fare ranges from RMB 300-500. Because Dubai Park is really too big, Huahua strongly recommends that you live in the Park's Resort (super dream and beautiful), it is perfect to play here for two days!

IMG Worlds of Adventure covers an area of ​​1.5 million square feet and is the size of 28 football fields. It is one of the most “hot” theme parks in Dubai. Here is the "Marvel" theme area (ah ~ ah ~ ah ~ Marvel powder can not calm down!), lost in the world theme area and super horrible "ghost house"! ! ! ! The whole house of the haunted house is the theme of "terrorist hotel", and there is a ghost statue of the devil in the doorway. You can't bring a camera inside, I recommend storing all your luggage at the entrance. Strictly speaking, Dubai's theme parks will not have the same kind of domestic crowds. It is the same in IMG. Generally, there is no need to queue or line up, but - except for ghost houses! Our group of 7 people probably lined up for nearly 30 minutes. While waiting, they constantly saw the staff responsible for maintaining order (who was dressed up as a zombie) scared and screamed at the queuing and passing tourists. I thought to myself, "This dish is still eaten by the little lady." When the results went in, I was crazy - the staff consciously divided the people into a small share, which was originally like a maze, and there were still few people. Then Dubai never squandered its own decoration costs and staffing, sound and light. The effect will make all the brawny squat. Anyway, when I came out, I was a collapsed person.

In the Marvel theme area, my first recommendation is "The Wrath of Thor". I thought at first that this was a 4D movie theater. After the staff took our 3 confirmations and took off everything that loosened our shoes and glasses, I felt like I was on a thief boat. After you get down, you can't tell the difference between the southeastern northwest and the scorpion. It is the most direct consequence. Bring the throat candy and do some psychological construction. You should play this. In 4D movies, I like Spider-Man's settings myself. The little spider didn't look for Dad this time, we can follow his vision to go to the night sky in New York. There is also a 4D movie of the "Avengers". I also find it super interesting and the simulation is very high. Push fans to experience the experience. Lost in the world of dinosaur roller coasters or vertical free fall parts, weight loss lovers can not miss. IMG Worlds of Adventure is one of my favorite, no one. It is said that the otaku does not like to go out, but if there is a theme park equipped with a VR device, can play a lot of many 3D or even 4D video games, let you enter the anime world, the otaku will want to go out?

Hub Zero Dubai is such a existence. Although there are VR game centers in many places, it is very rare to have such a high-tech game center with a huge amount of games and a wireless VR device. Super luxury simulation of the racing experience, wearing a VR helmet into the real world of "Walking Dead" against the walking dead, facing the screen to a "tiger shot", pretending to be a sexy female agent in the laser ray ... "Resident Evil The experience area of ​​this game is based on the shooting experience of the situation. Xiao Xiaosheng told the pollen that the wife won the first place in my group! Please call me a sharpshooter, thank you. Hub Zero Dubai is located in the “City Walk”, the newest district in the heart of Dubai. It is also a pass to the world, and the price is around RMB 300.

Dubai is a country in the Arabian desert, so people's expectations and obsessions about "water" and "green" can be imagined. This time I went to a magical place, like the Hub Zero Dubai mentioned above, in the area of ​​City Walk. But look, the building below, guess what this is? This is a zoo and botanical garden! ! ! Planting a palm tree in Dubai requires a water supply underneath. The cost of a tree is roughly 3,000 dollars. And this glass house called The Green Planet is a magical place! In Dubai, where freshwater resources are scarce, a giant man-made tree was built here to simulate the tropical rainforest ecosystem. The Green Planet has more than 3,000 species of flora and fauna, and the concept of nature protection and parenting is very clear! The non-desert species that can be seen here are very rich, and the richness is excellent. Plants grow freely, water is abundant, and animals can walk freely. For example, the "high-speed crawling" lightning prince on the sidewalk railing - although it is in a huge box, but it looks very happy - the presence of green planet completely broke the Dubai people's self-imagining of green. It can be said that it is very bullish!

When you come to Dubai, you can't climb. The last time I spent the world's highest in Dubai - the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa, this time I revisited again. Just the experience is a bit iterative, this time, I am starting from the VIP line. Enter the tour line at a different entrance from the public and drink a cup of Arabic coffee in the waiting area. Without a wealthy house, it is wonderful to experience the treatment of the rich in a moment. Came to the 148th floor - right! The VIP platform is so exciting! Directly more than twenty layers higher than the ordinary viewing platform! There is a 360-degree circular viewing deck with sofas and complimentary drinks. Really not a noble lord! It is the feeling that "I am looking at a scene that is higher". Last time I spent the night on the flower tower, now it is the morning, and my career is clearer: the high building is at the foot and the sea is far away. Dubai, right here. There is also a very important part of Dubai’s screaming trip. If you have already reached the high, then you may wish to fly higher.

On the edge of the golf course in Dubai, there is a very special experience. Seaplane watching Dubai! The tour is divided into red and blue lines. The red line takes longer and the cruising distance is farther. It can go to the desert. And this time we are experiencing a blue line of about 15-20 minutes. In fact, it is already very satisfying, because we can see the Palm Island to the whole picture and the Dubai skyline with the Burj Khalifa as the core. The plane takes the Dubai River as the runway and steadily takes off and land. The weather was not particularly good on the day we took off. The wind was so large that the visibility was slightly reduced. When the weather is fine, the blue is the sky and the sea, the yellow is the desert, and the beauty is very strong. In addition to the constant stimulation and screaming, this trip to Dubai has a very gorgeous visual experience.

Everyone knows, Dubai, the key word is to spare no effort to do everything to the extreme. At the W Hotel in Dubai and Al Habtoor City next to St. Regis, there is a 1,300-seat theatre where flowers show a water dance show by Cirque du Soleil founder Franco Dragone. 90 minutes, stunned. The name of the show is called "La Perleby Dragone".

The entire theater is 270 degrees in the audience, and the votes are divided into three, but no matter how far and away you are from the stage, the quality of the viewing is basically high. The light is one of the places that shocks me. The superb actor moves to change the scene. Under the light, it will naturally ignore many things that the lighting engineer does not want you to see. The stage is a huge swimming pool with 2.5 million liters of water. The daring acrobats and entertainers jumped into the water from a height of 35 meters and swam in the water at a speed of 4 meters per second. The exciting high altitude and water skills caused The audience burst into cheers.

Too much to say in one breath, I have been as soft as the guards of Lego-land.