My dubai travel diary - luxury
A friend asked me before departure, you are the second time to jump, will you be nervous? I am responsible to say a word, still! Yes! meeting! tight! Zhang! Two years ago, the first skydiving in life was dedicated to Mauritius. The spurt of the three-kilometer sky jumped unforgettable, and came to Dubai, one of the top ten skydiving spots in the world.

The height of the skydiving in Dubai is four kilometers, one kilometer higher than Mauritius. The experience of overlooking Palm Cove from God's perspective is so unique that such an experience can definitely be written into the memoirs of life. The name of the skydiving point is called skydive Dubai. Just near Palm Cove, make an appointment on the official website in advance for the date and time. With the reservation code, you can go to the field to go skydiving. Fill out the personal information form and sign a “life and death”, the staff will print a small piece of paper with the actual time of skydiving and the name of the participant.

Before meeting with the coach, there will be someone to assist in the equipment for skydiving. It is important to note that both men and women cannot wear shorts and vests, at least short-sleeved T-shirts and pants that are over-knee. After the equipment is worn, the coach will appear soon. The boys have a larger weight base, and the coaches tend to be smaller. The girls are lighter and will match the big coach. My coach is an Italian little brother. He is handsome and has no friends. He patiently explained to me the explanations for skydiving. I still joked that if you fall I will catch you. The coach of the wind brother is Arab, smiling. It’s very easy to get along with, so because we booked together, we both took the same plane to parachute. Dubai skydiving is usually a coach with a photographer, so before going on the plane, the photographer will record a video first, let us say something to say to the camera. When I learned that I was parachuting with Feng Ge, the photographer strongly asked us to record a paragraph together, and we did not forget to praise us as a very brave CP.

If you want to ask which section of the skydiving is most nervous, I think it should be the section before boarding the plane and before the jump, watching the plane slowly climb, and finally reach the ideal skydiving height, the cold wind outside the cabin blows a spirit . The coach first let me sit on him, buckle me and his various metal buckles, and then tie the two people completely with a tie. After confirming that everything is ready, let me say a "final impression" to the camera. ", it moved to the side of the hatch." The coach asked me before the jump, are you ready? I said that I have not. He joked that even if it was not ready, we would have to go down. He fixed my chin by hand, let me keep my head up, and I planted it with my head. At that time, my mood was: wtf!!!!!!!

The first feeling of the second skydiving and the first skydiving was similar, with a few seconds of weightlessness, but not very strong. Then the coach will open a small balance umbrella on his back. He patted my shoulder and motioned that I could open my hands and embrace the world. When the balance umbrella was opened, the sense of weight loss disappeared immediately. At this moment, it was completely flying, as if you really had a pair of wings and hovered over Palm Cove. I personally think that the photographer is more cool than the coach. Not only must I always shoot around us, but I also don’t forget to make some difficult moves to make fun. If you want to make super cool videos and photos, don't forget to look up at your photographer and smile bravely! About a minute or so, the real parachute will open, and the powerful lifting force when opening the umbrella will give you a sense of weightlessness, but because you know that the umbrella has opened smoothly, you feel very relieved. My Italian brother also specially let me manipulate for a while after opening the umbrella. But my strength is too small to pull it. The little brother asked me if I want to play something cool. At this time, a lot of adrenaline secreted makes me think. I did not want to agree. So he directly manipulated the para-glider to perform various rotations. Fortunately, I didn't get motion sickness, and there was only one feeling in my heart: cool!

When I was about to land, the coach asked me to completely close my feet, and his feet first touched the ground to prevent me from getting hurt. After landing safely, like the first skydiving, I was so excited to say that I kept talking and teasing the coach. Finally, make a photo to prove my "life and death".

If skydiving is my most anticipated trip, sand washing is the most unexpected trip. The sand washing in Dubai is in the desert far from the urban area. The models are Toyota and Land Rover. We have not chosen the big oil squad and we chose Land Rover for sand.

In the afternoon, the driver arrived at the hotel on time and we arrived at the edge of the desert after an hour's drive. Before the sand is washed, the tires should be deflated to avoid the accident of rollover during the sand washing process. At this point, you can get off the car and pat around the Hummer, or buy some drinks in the car, the desert is relatively dry, and it will not be long before you will be thirsty. After the deflation is completed, the driver carries us into the desert leisurely and leisurely. At first I thought that the sand was drove on the sand dunes, and there were a few times of diving. I didn’t think that the experience of the horses and sands was so powerful. Our driver's name is Ali, playing Arab bandit music all the way. He asked us that I was afraid of sand washing. When I saw the calm expression of me and Feng Ge, he smiled mysteriously and said: I will wait later. Raise your hands and enjoy the journey with me.

After entering the desert, initially there were some small sand dunes. Ali drove the Hummer around the circle. We still said with a smile that sand washing is not an excitement. Entering the dense area of ​​the dunes, Ali stopped the car and said to us, don't vomit, don't scream, be sure to raise your hands and scream with me! When the voice just fell, it was a dive. At this time, the slope of the dune was nearly 50°, and I was completely forced. I haven't recovered yet. After a climb, it was a difficult dive. So the cumbersome Hummer was actually opened by Ali to feel the AE86 drift, which was really exciting. If you are like me, think that sand is a dive and climb, it is really young and naive. In the whole process of sand washing, many times in order to prove the grip of the Hummer, Ali has opened the car into a side-lying position. Whenever this time, I and the wind brother screamed like a silly dog ​​completely uncontrollably, causing Ali to Laughing hard. Because in the process of sand washing, I couldn't take the might of our big hummer in the car. Later, I got off and took some pictures of other Toyota Land Cruises. Please believe me, Hummer must be twice as exciting. The entire crazy bumps lasted about 20 minutes.Ali finally spared us and parked the car slowly on the sand dunes. He turned to ask how we felt, and I silently showed a sly and polite smile. However, if you really want to evaluate it, the excitement of sand washing is really different from other extreme sports. On the one hand, the desert in Dubai is a red desert with a very colorful color. In such a place, sand can enjoy its own beauty. It is the feeling of pushing back and weight loss in the process of sand washing that has been continuous, and it is better to take the taste together with the carol of the Arabian DJ in the car.

After the sand was washed, Ali let us get off the bus and wander around the desert, enjoying the unique beauty, and his car needs to cool the engine and tires. At this moment, we really felt the vastness of the desert. I couldn’t see the end at a glance, and I was like a little dust. The sunset is gradually falling, the light and shadow on the desert is very charming, and the moment of the big back-light, don't forget to smile happily at the camera.

The most difficult thing for me to experience this time is the upright flight on the water. I remember that when a group of stars in "Sisters of Flowers" challenged the water project in Cancun, Mexico, it was the water upright flight that everyone could not successfully control. Although this project was led by a very experienced coach, I was always in a very embarrassing state. I was not worried about drowning, but I was afraid of falling from the water and making a swollen face. I began to listen to the coach's explanations nervously before I started the experience, and even forgot to admire the Dubai Bay in the clear water. Our coach is a very gentle local brother. After repeatedly saying that the project is not dangerous, I am a little relieved. However, the coach said that this is indeed a very difficult project for beginners. Many people have no way to stand up. They are basically in a state of draught. I can't help but sigh when I hear this sentence. It seems that the sports cells are not developed enough. I can only prepare to drink sea water and drink enough. There are two types of watercraft. One is an upright aircraft worn on the legs. It relies on the huge force of seawater to push people into the air. One is a seated aircraft that is worn on the body. The principle is the same as that of an upright aircraft, but it is less difficult. . In view of the boy's sense of balance and the more powerful motor genes, I asked Feng Ge to try it first, and I did not forget to comfort him: Don't stand up when you can't stand up. The coach is driving his motorboat and taking me and the wind brother into the shallow sea. The water is not very deep, but let us wear a life jacket to avoid danger. The coach said that the upright flight can stand up successfully. When the water's thrust is felt, it stays in a semi-squat state and the legs are forced. When the body vacates the water, immediately change to a position where the back and legs are upright, and the left and right hands open to maintain balance, so that the aircraft can be successfully operated. It sounds easy, but it's not easy to do. At least for sports idiots like me, it's basically listening to the Bible.

What I didn’t expect at all was that Feng’s first attempt was successful, and the boys’ sports cells were more developed. Later, I asked him to know that it was right to follow the coach's instructions, plus a natural sense of balance (I just want to turn a blind eye at the moment), it is not difficult to stand up. It’s too envious to watch him fly around the water. The coach comforts me, your husband can fly, you can do the same, girls are more flexible than boys. When it was my turn to try, the coach carefully helped me to wear the aircraft on my feet. He repeatedly stressed that after falling into the water, it must be turned over immediately. Don't let yourself drown. The most important thing is to keep a straight line between the back and the legs, and use the strength of the waist to control the aircraft. I just started to soak in the water, I was quite relaxed, and I didn’t feel heavy when I was towed by the aircraft. After the coach took me to the slightly deeper waters, I repeatedly confirmed that I was ready. After I got ready to lift, the aircraft began to spray water, and the powerful momentum instantly knocked me over, so for the first time. Try to end in failure.

Fortunately, my physical strength is good. After a few attempts, I have figured out my own path. The weight of the girl is relatively light, and the impact of the aircraft is really great, so it is easy to be biased at the beginning. The best way for me is to stay upright in the water. When the aircraft is spraying water, the body maintains a good balance and can slowly rise from the water.

I finally stood up, naturally, I couldn’t help but scream excitedly. The coach always gave me an encouraging gesture and let me continue to fly forward. It feels wonderful to fly on the sea. When it is stable, it is like stepping on a skate, and you don't feel like you are hanging.

Although there have been several successful experiences of standing up, most of the time I was in a state of circulation, water, water, and water. Upright flying on the water is more physical, boys usually play 45-60 minutes will be tired, girls will feel tired in 30 minutes, so it is recommended that girls with smaller bodies do not have to play for too long. In general, water upright flight is not a particularly easy to control project, but once it is successfully controlled, it has a strong sense of accomplishment, and it is definitely more exciting than the average water project.

Power paragliding is a very unpopular experience in Dubai. Compared with skydiving, sand washing, helicopters, etc., few Chinese choose this kind of game play. Even the coach said that in his many years of driving history in Dubai, most of them are European and American tourists to experience, and there are relatively few Chinese tourists. Although it has already been overlooked by the skydiving method, it does not fly over the city. The power para-glider is close to the feeling of touching the skyscraper.

Powered para-gliders are also divided into two types in Dubai. One is the desert fly, which is carried out in the desert every morning, watching the sunrise during the flight; the first is the marina fly, which is carried out in the bay every day at dusk. Enjoy the sunset during the flight. Because we have to experience the hot air balloon flight later, we chose the latter and have to say that this is definitely a great value experience.

The para-glider is operated by the coach during the flight, while the passenger is sitting behind the coach. The whole process can be carried with the camera, as long as the head and hands are not extended out of the cockpit. Unlike the feeling of skydiving, the coach on the powered para-glider is in front and the passenger is in a sitting position, so the sense of security will increase a lot.

The huge fan will take the para-glider into a full state when taking off, because the noise is relatively large, so the passengers and coaches communicate with the headset. Our coach is a Russian, adhering to the brave and fearless nature of the fighting nation. Whether it is taking off or landing, he likes to do some horrifying but not dangerous actions.

The ground for the paragliding take-off and the ground for the parachute landing are the same. After flying into the air, the blue bay in front of the sky is very clear, and it is so beautiful under the glory of the setting sun. It's no wonder that the coach only flies in the bay every afternoon at dusk, presumably to let every passenger remember the most beautiful moment.

In the process of flying, there will be many chances to pass directly from the sky above the skyscraper. The feeling at the moment seems to be that the city is stepping on my feet, it is so cool! The coach will patiently explain the name and function of each building, because the height of the flight is relatively high, and sometimes there are private small planes flying over.

When flying over the palm island, you can clearly see the next big villa below. I have to sigh that Dubai is really a paradise for the rich. The swimming pool of each villa is too big. The coach said that most of the people living here are Europeans and Americans, while the local tyrants live in their own estates in the desert.

When I landed, the coach asked me if I was going to fall asleep. I joked that there was a little bit of sleep. He immediately came to the spirit and said that he would show me something different. When he didn't finish talking, he handed me the two steering belts and let me control the entire para-glider. As the left and right hands move, the para-glider will deviate in the corresponding direction, which is great. If you control the parachute when you parachute, it feels like the bird is flying. Driving a para-glider is more like flying a plane. In short, it is a very worthwhile experience. The flight lasted for about half an hour. Watching the sunset in Palm Bay in the air, watching the sunset light sinking bit by bit, I think this is the most special of all my experiences.

The hot air balloon needs to get up very early to see the sunrise. At about 4:30 in the morning, the people of the hot air balloon company arrived at the hotel to pick us up to the desert. Although it was sleepy, it was full of expectations for watching the desert sunrise at high altitude. The early morning of the desert is very cold. If you want to participate in this project, you must remember to wear a coat more, or you will become a silly dog ​​like me and Feng Ge. Before the hot air balloon trip begins, Captain will detail the driving principles, flight heights, precautions and postures of the hot air balloon. After listening to his explanation, we realized that when the hot air balloon was flying, there was no way to control the direction and only control the rising height. After the ignition started, the hot air balloon gradually expanded into a full spherical shape, captain and the assistant flipped the basket together, and forced us to climb into the basket at the fastest speed.

As the internal air was heated by continuous fire, the hot air balloon slowly flew up. The assistant on the ground disconnected the rope that fixed the hot air balloon. Everyone cheered together. Captain excitedly said that our trip officially started. Although it is a giant, the speed of the hot air balloon is not slow. The airflow during the ascent will accelerate its flight. From time to time, sand is blown on the face. Seeing that some of the cabins in the desert are getting farther and farther away from us, I gradually wake up from the half-awake state and prepare for the sunrise. The sun rises slowly from the skyline, and the golden light gradually spurts out, and the sky is dyed into a brilliant color. Every passenger sitting on the hot air balloon is sighing at the beautiful scenery. Some European and American couples began to kiss each other. Although the taste of the dog food was strange, it was touched by such a romantic atmosphere. Let's take a kiss before sunrise! The temperature difference between day and night is large, and the ground has a mist, and the mist makes the whole desert enveloped in a mysterious atmosphere. Our hot air balloon drove through a piece of farm, and a group of goats were scared by the sound of hot air balloons and began to run wild on the farm. Captain is a German. Ask us if we know how the Germans call the goats. We are shaking their heads. He smiles strangely and says: breakfast. Sure enough, the Germans are heavy. . .

After the sun is fully raised, the shadow of the hot air balloon is projected on the ground, just like the scene inside the painting. Although there aren't so many thrilling scenes in hot air balloons, the sunrise in the desert is destined to make me unforgettable. Everyone's face is light and everything is softened. After more than an hour of flight, Captain got in touch with the ground's assistants, telling them where they might land, and turning off the flame heater to let the hot air balloon fall. Eventually we landed on a deserted farm, and all the assistants had already waited there early. Captain did not forget to make a joke after landing: we survived!

The five experience projects of this trip can be described by five “most”: the most exciting – skydiving, the most surprise – power paragliding, the most memorable – sanding, the most difficult – water upright flight, the most beautiful scenery - Hot air balloon desert sunrise.

Dubai is not only a golden street, but also a variety of Arabic spices and countless great buildings, as well as so many exciting and special sports, each worthy of experience.