Dubai Foreign Medical Treatment Luxury Trip

Adult: 3,080.00 $ Child: 0.00 $

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Tour Overview

Day 1


You can choose the airport in your city or near the city to start your trip.After the success of the booking, we will send you before we start to notice (including arrived at the airport ahead of time), please choose according to your final flight, go to the airport check-in baggage, and take the international flights to fly to Dubai.The plane landed in Dubai-the tourist destination. After leaving the airport, we have arranged for the airport pick-up personnel to take you to the hotel. The hotel will check in after 14 PM. If you arrive early, you can leave your luggage at the front desk and then move freely.

Day 2


Morning visit to Dubai royal leading authority medical beauty medical institutions and medical beauty with the world's top authority fight decline expert panel meeting, later by medical instrument is one of the world's most highly precise end body test (test report need to 24 hours). Enjoy a nutritious lunch of Arabian seafood grilled fish for lunch. In the Afternoon, You are volunteered to take part in the desert safari. The driver skillfully drives the four-wheel drive, takes you gallop in the boundless desert, experience the desert hill "the river to turn the sea", the feeling of that kind of heartbeat lets you shout greatly. Rest time you can also bare feet, enjoy the sand for your hot pedicure. Beautiful desert sunset, ride a camel and the camp Arab dessert and barbecue food, wear Arab clothing photography, try Arab culture unique coloured drawing or pattern, watch the Arab characteristic circle dance and famous Arabian belly dance, you still have a chance with beautiful dancers dance, experience the exotic amorous feelings. After the desert sand is finished, return to the hotel to rest.

Day 3

Abu Dhabi

After breakfast, our bus passes by the Dubai Free Trade Zone and the world's largest artificial seaport Jebel Ali.Cross the famous chain bridge to the capital Abu Dhabi. It is a garden city in the desert. Along the way we can have a look "Chinese embassy in UAE" and "Parliament building" "Cultural square".Enter the long coastline - sands, coconut trees, yachts, sunshine, and the sea to make you feel like you're on a beach in Hawaii. Visiting the island's traditional museum of Arab culture - folk village. And we enjoy the appearance 8 star hotel "Emirates Palace".It is a perfect combination of the traditional Arab royal model and the luxurious style of the western aristocracy. It is more like the imperial palace. And have a royal lunch. After lunch, we have a Car travel" F1 Ferrari world theme park", you can take photos to keep memory. It covers an area of about 200,000 square meters and has the largest red ferrari logo on the roof.There are two distinctive roller coasters in the "ferrari world", one of which is the "Rosa formula" roller coaster with the theme of F1.(Care tip: this activity is extremely exciting, for example, guests with heart blood pressure disease, including 19 amusement projects, please choose to participate.) Dinner is served at Atlantis hotel and returns to the hotel for a rest.

Day 4


To fully embody the guest of honor, via Dubai hotel royal charter health management team experts see, one-to-one reading test evaluation report and according to the report, custom targeted exclusive health management fight decline; According to the treatment plan, the senior dedicated has the exclusive healthy organic nutritious lunch. Experts visit the hotel room, read the test report individually, and customize the anti-aging plan according to the report. According to the treatment plan, the senior dedicated has the exclusive healthy organic nutrition dinner.

Day 5


In the morning the top Dubai royal authority medical beauty medical institutions will again sent experts and medical staff in the hotel again return visit, to see you again detection hormones, cell activity elements, and for your design exclusive fight decline diet and daily schedule plan. In the afternoon, you can go to sea in the deep-sea super yacht. The boat rides the wind and waves, the beautiful scenery of sea and sky allows you and your friends and family to return to nature wholeheartedly.

Day 6


Fully enjoy the luxury hotel facilities in the morning. At noon, the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, was 828 meters high, twice the size of the Hong Kong IFC, and cost $3 billion to build. On the tower the 125th floor of the world's highest restaurant dining atmosphere here , candlelight gourmet unique charming night scene and the relatives and sharing the memorable time, and can have a bird's eye view of Dubai panorama of 80 kilometers, skyscrapers of modern urban planning layout, singular, panoramic view of the beauty of the sea day. Let you fully enjoy the luxury of Dubai. After that to the world's largest shopping centre "DUBAI MALL", with 1200 world famous brand shop, of course, the French Galeries Lafayette department store "Galleries Lafayette" is among them, you can enjoy the fun of the shopping paradise. The world's largest"indoor man-made waterfalls" and "indoor aquarium"more than 10,000 Marine life! Recent view of the world's largest Fountain - "Dubai music Fountain" Dubai Fountain music Fountain every night half an hour at a time, it becomes the focus of Dubai and the Middle East region's most beautiful, wonderful, a splendor!You will be able to make up for your remaining shopping interest at Dubai airport by Duty Free at Dubai airport. To make up you wanting more shopping fun. And end unforgettable Dubai Medical Beauty Fight Decline trip.