Happy Family Trip

Adult: 1,050.00 $ Child: 40.00 $

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Tour Overview

Day 1


You can choose the airport in your city or near the city to start your trip.After the success of the booking, we will send you before we start to notice (including arrived at the airport ahead of time), please choose according to your final flight, go to the airport check-in baggage, and take the international flights to fly to Dubai.The plane landed in Dubai-the tourist destination. After leaving the airport, we have arranged for the airport pick-up personnel to take you to the hotel. The hotel will check in after 02:00 PM. If you arrive early, you can leave your luggage at the front desk and then move freely.

Day 2


After breakfast, free to the WILD WADI-the adventure water park Sinbad , as the world famous water park, located between the sailing 7 -star hotel with waves hotel, this theme garden adopts the style of the ancient Arab and Sinbad adventure theme, garden have exciting water games, surf zone.The wave pool and many other types of water sports, 16 of the 24 water game areas are connected, which means you don't have to leave the water world at all. I believe that you will feel the clear cool and comfortable feeling here, and enjoy the warm ocean sky with your family and friends.In the Afternoon, You are volunteered to take part in the desert safari.

Day 3

Abu Dhabi

After breakfast, our bus passes by the Dubai Free Trade Zone and the world's largest artificial seaport Jebel Ali.Cross the famous chain bridge to the capital Abu dhabi. It is a garden city in the desert. Along the way we can have a look "Chinese embassy in UAE" and "parliament building" "cultural square".Visiting the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zheid, was built by the last king named Zhayide who has been dead.The temple contains ten thousands of gem inlays, crystal chandeliers, the world's largest hand-made carpets, the entire complex is wrapped in Greek jade, The white color outlook is elegant and especially solemn. And we enjoy the appearance 8 star hotel "Emirates Palace".It is a perfect combination of the traditional Arab royal model and the luxurious style of the western aristocracy. It is more like the imperial palace. After lunch, we have a Car travel" F1 Ferrari world theme park", you can take photos to keep memory. It covers an area of about 200,000 square meters and has the largest red Ferrari logo on the roof.There are two distinctive roller coasters in the "Ferrari world", one of which is the "Rosa formula" roller coaster with the theme of F1.(Care tip: this activity is extremely exciting, with heart blood pressure disease, among which 19 attractions are invited to participate. )

Day 4


Free activity in the whole day, the day allows guests to schedule time flexibly. Recommended shopping location:The Dubai Mall,The Mall of Emirates. You can take part in the deep-sea cruise to the sea, you can show your skills, and you can enjoy fishing. Speedboat rides the wind and waves, and the beautiful scenery of the sea allows you and your family to relax and return to nature.You can bring your own seafood to the restaurant for processing. (All four hours of seafood barbecuing and seafood barbecue should be booked in advance.)

Day 5


After breakfast, head to the third largest city of the united Arab emirates Sharjah- "Muslim religious cultural center". Appearance of the cultural square, "the Koran monument " "the Lord Xar Mosque " and visit it with distinctive locomotive gold market appearance, Arabian traditional pure gold handicrafts market, I believe you can also choose to have local characteristics and appreciation space of handicrafts.Later, on the coast road, straight through Ajman - the smallest emirate in the united Arab emirates, with panoramic views of its coastline. Return to Dubai for a high altitude sightseeing light rail.Enter the so-called "eighth wonder of the world" - [palm island].It consists of resembled the shape of palm trees,and 50 luxury hotels,250 beach villas, 2,400 Seaview mansions, shopping center, water park, yacht club, shopping center, sports spa facilities .Burj Al Arab with the World Island called "sister island". Then we will have a view in the famous Atlantis hotel.Afterwards we will have a view of Emirate Palace,Jumeirah mosque, and the most luxuries 7 stars Burj Al Arab. We will pass by the Emirates Hills high level green living area,Dubai Marina which is a seaside city costs $10 billion and It can accommodate 120, 000 population. In the afternoon, After that to the world's largest shopping Centre "DUBAI MALL", with 1200 world famous brand shop, of course, the French Galeries Lafayette department store "Galleries Lafayette" is among them, you can enjoy the fun of the shopping paradise. The world's largest"indoor man-made waterfalls" and "indoor aquarium"more than 10,000 Marine life! Recent view of the world's largest Fountain - "Dubai music Fountain" Dubai Fountain music Fountain every night half an hour at a time, it becomes the focus of Dubai and the Middle East region's most beautiful, wonderful, a splendor!You will be able to make up for your remaining shopping interest at Dubai airport by Duty Free at Dubai airport.