Lovers Honeymoon Trip

Adult: 1,138.00 $ Child: 40.00 $

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Tour Overview

Day 1


You can choose the airport in your city or near the city to start your trip.After the success of the booking, we will send you before we start to notice (including arrived at the airport ahead of time), please choose according to your final flight, go to the airport check-in baggage, and take the international flights to fly to Dubai.The plane landed in Dubai-the tourist destination. After leaving the airport, we have arranged for the airport pick-up personnel to take you to the hotel. The hotel will check in after 02:00 PM. If you arrive early, you can leave your luggage at the front desk and then move freely.

Day 2


After breakfast, we go ahead to the biggest "Gold Market" in the Middle East. Here there are variety of Gold and silver jewelry.Pass by Spice market and have a visit. Then take "Abras" Cross the Creek bay to appreciate "The old merchant house"and the modern architectures. Which appears the people's living conditions in the original Dubai desert and the rapid development history of the oil wealth. Then Visit" Miraj" which helps us to understand about Koran and Persian culture. Miraj entirely is the paradise for collectors! Here collects the most valued Arts and crafts within the whole Middle East. Many valuable exhibits were for gifts from the Middle East heads of state. Afterwards we will have a view of Emirate Palace,Jumeirah mosque, and the most luxuries 7 stars Burj Al Arab. We will pass by the Emirates Hills, it is a high level green living area,Dubai Marina which is a seaside city costs $10 billion and It can accommodate 120, 000 population. Emirate Palace. In the hustle and bustle of the city, people come and go, experiencing the colorful life style of the local people, the peaceful and peaceful way of life, and unveil the mystery of Dubai people. at a cost of $10 billion to build the coastal city of Dubai, Dubai's and the most luxuries 7 stars Burj Al Arab is Dubai's landmark building. feel its charm and luxury. It is the most luxurious hotel in the world, with a total of 24 tonnes of gold, a total of 28 floors, 321 meters high and a helipad at the top. At the same time, the seven star hotel and the Persian gulf as the background, for your faithful and unswerving love crystallization leaves the most precious witness.In the Afternoon, You are volunteered to take part in the desert safari.

Day 3


After breakfast, take bus to Dubai to the Emirates Mall .there are all kinds of world luxury brands of fashion, leather handbags. The Dubai tax exemption system, which also gives seasonal feedback, now sells for a third of the domestic price, which will make you "happy and fruitful". Inside have the world's largest indoor ski resort is for you to experience the winter of summer, to experience the imagination and creativity of the Dubai people, and to experience the wealth of oil for the people of the UAE! Return to Dubai for a high altitude sightseeing light rail.Enter the so-called "eighth wonder of the world" - [palm island].It consists of resembled the shape of palm trees,and 50 luxury hotels,250 beach villas, 2,400 Seaview mansions, shopping center, water park, yacht club, shopping center, sports spa facilities .Burj Al Arab with the World Island called "sister island". Then we will have a view in the famous Atlantis hotel. It is a Greek myth lost city of the sea as the prototype build luxury six-star hotel, nowhere not embody the theme of the underwater world, including the lobby of the coral, lost underwater aquarium, and the dolphin bay, etc. The specially arrange for VIP visit 【 lost underwater world aquarium 】, this is a fake lost the water of the bottom of the sea built the ancient city of Atlantis legend world, adding up to sixty million litres of water capacity, can fill the 24 standard swimming pool, through the glass can close watch the island in the more than sixty-five thousand various kinds of Marine life. Can also customize the water world adventure park [AquaventureWaterPark] play, enjoy the 18 million liters of water driven seven water skiing ladder, 2300 meters long rough amusement facilities and rapids and 750000 litres of water per minute journey create artificial waves of 2 meters tall.

Day 4

Abu Dhabi

After breakfast, our bus passes by the Dubai Free Trade Zone and the world's largest artificial seaport Jebel Ali.Cross the famous chain bridge to the capital Abu dhabi. It is a garden city in the desert. Along the way we can have a look "Chinese embassy in UAE" and "Parliament building" "Cultural square".Enter the long coastline - sands, coconut trees, yachts, sunshine, and the sea to make you feel like you're on a beach in Hawaii. Visiting the island's traditional museum of Arab culture - folk village. And we enjoy the appearance 8 star hotel "Emirates Palace".It is a perfect combination of the traditional Arab royal model and the luxurious style of the western aristocracy. It is more like the imperial palace. After lunch, we have a Car travel" F1 Ferrari world theme park", you can take photos to keep memory. It covers an area of about 200,000 square meters and has the largest red ferrari logo on the roof.There are two distinctive roller coasters in the "ferrari world", one of which is the "Rosa formula" roller coaster with the theme of F1. By the bright lights in the evening double Arabian gulf style wooden boat, swim in Dubai on the gulf, night sea cruise watch on both sides of the brightly lit the night, listen to fascinating Arab folk music, appreciate the magic show, flavor of Arab buffet dinner. Snuggle up with your sweetheart and enjoy the enchanting sea. Return to the hotel after the cruise to rest.

Day 5


After breakfast, head to the third largest city of the united Arab emirates Sharjah- "Muslim religious cultural center". Appearance of the cultural square, "the Koran monument " "the Lord Xar Mosque " and visit it with distinctive locomotive gold market appearance, Arabian traditional pure gold handicrafts market, I believe you can also choose to have local characteristics and appreciation space of handicrafts.Later, on the coast road, straight through Ajman - the smallest emirate in the united Arab emirates, with panoramic views of its coastline. After that we drive to the biggest shopping mall of the world "Dubai Mall". There are 1, 200 world famous brands, and of course the French department store Galleries Lafayette is also there.You can enjoy the shopping paradise. View the largest indoor man-made waterfall in the world and Indoor aquarium which more than 10,000 Marine life.The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, is 828 meters high and costs $3 billion.You can choose to climb the 124th floor of the tower to have a bird's eye view of the 80km panoramic view of Dubai, the modern urban planning layout, the fantastic skyscrapers, and the panoramic views of the sea and sky. At the closest view of the world's largest Fountain - "Dubai music Fountain" Dubai Fountain music Fountain every night half an hour at a time, it has become the focus of Dubai and the Middle East region's most beautiful, wonderful, a splendor! Then we will arrive in the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, is twice the size of the IFC, which costs $3 billion. You can also choose to The 124th floor board tower of The world's highest observation deck panoramic bird's eye view At The Top.You will be able to make up for your remaining shopping interest at Dubai airport by Duty Free at Dubai airport.End the wonderful romantic honeymoon in Dubai.